Registration for the October 27, 2023 Challenge Bowl is now open.

For more information contact:

Tracey Tsontag – [email protected]

Terra Rhoads – [email protected]


This study guide serves as a tool to be used by team members.  The purpose of the guide is to give general topic information that will be covered.  Each team is encouraged to study and research information that relates to these topics. 

The committee encourages the students to conduct their own research on our 39 tribes of Oklahoma for information gathering as they prepare for this event. 

  1. Tribal Leaders of Oklahoma- present
  2. Historical and Contemporary figures of Oklahoma
  3. Geography and the 39 tribes
  4. Famous quotes and sayings of the 39 tribes
  5. Art, Music and Literature of the 39 tribes
  6. Sovereignty, Treaties and Major Court decisions associated with the 39 tribes
  7. Language Families and topics  of the 39 tribes
  8. Original homelands of the 39 tribes
  9. Tribal Princesses and Title holders of the 39 tribes (ex.  Miss Indian America, Miss Indian OK, Miss Indian World, etc.)
  10. Tribal Celebration Names and Places of the 39 tribes
  11. Oklahoma Stories and Legends
  12. State of Sequoyah